Welcome to my corner of the internet.

This site is hand-coded by a reptile who has no idea what it's doing, not to mention that it's really hard to type with reptile hands. Things may be broken or buggy.

All code on my website (not artwork/images, just code), unless otherwise stated, is free to use and frankenstein with or without credit as long as you don't copy my whole website's colors and layout 1-1.

  • 8/25/23 Set up GitHub to deploy to Neocities so I don't have to deal with the tedium of uploading directly through Neocities itself. You'll also notice that the neocities URL snagen.neocities.org doesn't redirect to vile.zone anymore, but both URLs work. Neocities is now a mirror/backup instead of the main site.
  • 8/20/23 I decided I no longer like having eveything on one single page instead of seperate pages, so I separated them. The index.html file was way too long and was starting to get difficult to navigate, even with my meticulous labeling of everything. I'll probably come up with a different layout for a couple of the pages, but for now they're mostly the same.
  • 8/19/23 Added my social media links to the sidebar and removed the footer because I now have nothing to put on it.
  • 8/15/23 Updated the "about" tab to be actually about my stuff instead of just a few sentences, added an etiquette guide to the comms tab, made the text in the middle area align left instead of center, and made the dates in this update box a different font instead of just bold.
  • 8/13/23 Did you know you can change the color of scrollbars? I just figured that out. Here's a tip: You have to style the HTML element, not the body, to get it to apply to the whole page. At least on FireFox, anyway.
  • 8/12/23 Added the Art page so the link works, but it's nowhere near done.
  • 8/11/23 Updated the 404 page to look nicer.
  • 8/10/23 Added a dedicated commission info tab
  • 7/26/23 Joined the Transmasculine Pride Webring
  • 7/16/23 Added a couple blinkies
  • 7/12/23 Changed most of the main page to semantic HTML for better accessibility, changed banner to a more sunset-like theme, changed the music from Crystals by M.O.O.N. to Glitter by Patricia Taxxon, and added KnifeQueer to the Cool People list.
  • 7/11/23 Added Gaylie to the Cool People list
  • 6/29/23 Updated the URL for the button copy-paste code & changed my URL from spicedsnake.gay to vile.zone
  • 6/27/23 Updated blinkies & added some additional info to the warning page.
  • 6/9/23 Changed some of the styling and updated a few of the tabs to make it look nicer.
  • 6/7/23 Completed most of the overhaul for the main site. Reformatted and recolored entire site & made the main pages all on the same file so the page doesn't need to load each page seperately, which added the advantage of music continuing to play on all of the main pages without interruption.
  • 6/3/23 Began working on second site revamp
  • 5/28/23 Changed footer to link to Linktree instead so I don't have 283482902 links at the bottom
  • 5/23/23 Added more links to footer

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